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Pocket Monsters is a fan fiction based on Pokémon games. The main character Redwald Walker trains himself to be a Pokémon Master and goes on an adventure across Kanto in order to compete in Kanto League. In the meantime, his friends doesn't leave him alone and he befriends with Pokémon in need of help. The first fiction was named "Pokémon - The Spotlight" and was started in August 2014. However, exactly one year later and 60 chapters, the database was reset and therefore it was cancelled.

Most of the events occur in Pocket Monsters are inspired by the Pokémon games with exception. Gender and Ability features were introduced in later than first generation games, although they were presented since the first chapter. Also the plot has slightly different lines to make it more sensible.


Main Characters[edit]

Redwald Walker in KTB.png
Greta Parker in KTB.png

Supporting Characters[edit]

Professor Oak in KTB.png
Fennel Walker in KTB.png
Blake Oak in KTB.png
Madison Dickens in KTB.png


Kanto Journey[edit]

The Beginning[edit]

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Kanto Journey - The Beginning is the first part of Pocket Monsters story. This part introduces the main characters and recurring characters for the first time. Redwald Walker, Greta Parker and Blake Oak who want to get a Pokémon Trainer Licence begin their summer camp and get their first Pokémon partners in Professor Oak's laboratory. In the other hand, while the new friendships are built, also the rivalries ignite. The major events accrue in Pallet Town.



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