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Pocket Monsters is a fan fiction based on Pokémon games, whose name is predicated on the Japanese trademark name. The majority of the events focus on Redwald Walker, who learns and trains his Pokémon to be a great Pokémon Trainer, and compete in the Kanto League after gaining 8 different badges across Kanto region, and his friends and family, such as Greta Parker, who befriends Redwald and goes on a journey with him to get to know more about Pokémon and nature, and be able to help Pokémon in order to take over her parents' Day Care service in Pallet Town, or Blake Oak, who has been Redwald's rival since his childhood.

Although the fiction is massively based on the Pokémon games, the events and the elements differ from the games at times, and the storyline is expanded. For example, gender features were introduced in the second generation games, or the Ability feature was introduced in the third generation games, however, they are introduced since the first chapter of Pocket Monsters. Originally, the fan fiction was named "Pokémon - The Spotlight", and the first chapter was released in August 2014. However, over a year and 60 chapters, the database was reset, and therefore, the original fiction had to be cancelled.


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Main Characters

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Supporting Characters

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Gym Leaders

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Kanto Journey


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This page has the guide for all species of the Pokémon, and their introduction in the Pocket Monsters.

Please note that, this page does not serve to give you all the real facts about the species, such as moves that can be learned, or the locations (in games) it can be found. That Pokédex is only relevant to the fan-fiction. Also, "Behaviour of the Species" section serves as the common behaviour of the species. A Pokémon's individual personality does not mean the species' behaviour in general. Therefore, those informations as Pokémon's general behaviour are either confirmed by a character, or the Pokédex itself.